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List Of Best Restaurants In Nantucket

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Best Restaurants In Nantucket

Nantucket is an island and small town on the south coast of Massachusetts in the United States. It is located about 50 miles (80 km) south of Boston in a region called New England, which is made up of six states: Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Rhode Island, Connecticut and Massachusetts.

The island was created from five sand bars that formed parallel to the coastline during the last ice age. Humans have settled the Nantucket area for thousands of years

Restaurants in Nantucket are one of the best places to find a variety of cuisines, including Italian, seafood, and American. Settled on an island off the coast of Massachusetts, Nantucket is a charming town with many quaint shops and beautiful beaches to enjoy for fun in the sun.

There are also plenty of restaurants where you can relax over a meal after spending time exploring this welcoming town.

We have compiled a list of some of the best restaurants that are sure to please even the pickiest eater. The following restaurants serve traditional cuisine from each country and offer a unique experience for everyone.

The island is a popular vacation spot for those looking to relax, but it’s hard to know where to eat with so many options for dining out. In this post, we will explore some of the best restaurants on Nantucket and give you an insight into what makes them stand apart from the crowd. Grab a cup of coffee and read on to find out more.

6 Best Restaurants In Nantucket

Nantucket has some of the best restaurants in Massachusetts. Here are the top 6 places to enjoy a delicious meal.

1. Nantucket Lobster Trap

best restaurants nantucket

The heart of New England cuisine is seafood, and this Nantucket Lobster Trap keeps the lobsters alive in their multiple hundred-gallon tanks until they’re ordered.

Open for dinner only. The locally owned Nantucket Lobster Trap has interior and exterior bars, a large dining room, and a patio, often overflowing with diners during the warmer months.

Starters include steamed mussels or calamari, and the menu is naturally lobster-centric: A whole lobster can be prepared boiled or baked and stuffed. Pasta and meat dishes are also available, such as beef tenderloin or chicken breast crusted with potato chips.

2. Proprietors Bar & Table

Against the background of sage-green walls and wood accents, Proprietors serves up small plates of global fare on vintage dishes. Chef-owner Michael LaScola and his partner Orla (both formerly of American Seasons) have a variety of influences, with Middle Eastern, Asian, and Southern flavors working together on the plate.

Proprietors fearlessly merge culinary traditions; you’ll find kimchi pancakes with pork belly, peanuts, and buttermilk next to chicken liver pate tart with huckleberry jam, pickled vegetables, and cocoa nibs.

3. Provisions

best restaurants nantucket

Provisions is a buzzing sandwich shop that matches the quality of their more formal restaurants. It is always busy in the summer months, and it lures visitors with home-baked scones, muffins, and to-die-for sandwiches.

On a hot day, nothing beats Provisions’ Caprese sandwich with Bartlett farm tomatoes, fresh basil-walnut pesto, and mozzarella on housemade ciabatta bread.

4. Sfoglia, Nantucket

As with the New York outpost, the dining room here feels more like a family gathering place than a restaurant: worn plank floors, a fireplace, weathered-wood wine racks, and tables set with adorably mismatched plates and cutlery all invite settling in and staying a while.

The menu changes frequently, but thankfully, certain dishes like Ron’s hearty pappardelle Bolognese are always available. It is made with lamb, veal, sweet Italian sausage, and pork, and Colleen’s sublime chocolate-espresso-hazelnut semifreddo.

5. Straight Wharf Restaurant

best restaurants nantucket

Straight Wharf is Nantucket’s answer to Chez Panisse. Under the direction of owners Gabriel Frasca and Amanda Lydon, the kitchen prepares playful takes on summer staples, such as their legendary clam bake or chicken under a brick.

Elegant but never fussy, the dishes draw on Nantucket’s local ingredients, with Bartlett tomatoes and local fish front and center. Guests dine in two distinct settings at this perennial favourite: the formal dining room and the bar grill.

6. Summer House Restaurant

On a bluff overlooking the Atlantic, out of another time, out of another place, The Summer House Restaurant stands alone as the quintessence of romantic dining.

 Casually elegant and a true Nantucket landmark. The Summer House experience has been called a lot more fun than other Nantucket restaurants by New York Magazine, whose cover it has graced. 

Dinner each night is an event – subdued lighting, flickering candles, fresh flowers, and music played on the baby grand piano combine to create an atmosphere of days gone by and the true romance that is Nantucket.

Before and after dinner, drinks are available at the lively piano bar, where many join the award-winning pianist in festive sing-alongs seated by a wood-burning fireplace. 

Summary Of The Best Restaurants In Nantucket

If you’re looking for some of the best restaurants in Nantucket, then I believe this post is of help to you. We have listed all the great restaurants in Nantucket, so you can find the perfect one that suits your taste and budget whether you’re craving Italian cuisine or want to try out a new Chinese restaurant.

Our goal is to provide you with an in-depth look at the best restaurants around Nantucket. We hope this post will help you plan your next vacation and enjoy some of the delicious food this unique location has to offer!

There are many restaurants in Nantucket, but these 6 are among the best. If you’re looking for a place to eat out, these best restaurants in Nantucket should be at the top of your list!

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