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Prayer Mountains In Ghana You Need To Visit

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In this article, we will show you some of the prayer mountains in Ghana and why you need to visit for your Christian retreats.

Religion in recent years has played a major role in the growth of tourism. Aside from pilgrimages and religious structures, mountains and rivers for prayers have increased tourist arrivals in various countries blessed to have them.

There is a higher percentage of Christians in Ghana than in the other religions. In Ghana, most Christians attribute sickness, retrogression, and worst stuff to Satanic manipulations. Christians, therefore, love to pray especially at designated places called Prayer Mountains.

All these prayer mountains house prayer camps where people stay for days until they receive answers to their prayers or get their problems solved.

Prayer Mountains In Ghana

Below are the three prayer mountains in Ghana you need to visit. Check below our top 3 prayer mountains in Ghana:

1. Atwea Mountains

The Atwea Mountains as it is famously called has evolved to become one of the most popular and patronized prayer mountains in Ghana. It is located in the Central District of the Ashanti Region and undoubtedly one of the most sought-after mountains for religious reasons.

Every year thousands of Christians and non-Christians in Ghana and other nearby African Countries visit this mountain to tarry in prayers. According to the indigenes, the act of going to the mountains for prayers began decades ago and has since grown to become what it is today.

Religious people most especially Christians visit there to seek spiritual interventions, pray and seek the face of God, and other spiritual purposes. The mountain is open to everyone to come and pray at any time during the year. Atwea Mountains has located 12 km from Nsuta and 52 km from Kumasi.

2. Aburi Prayer Mountains

It is a religious facility built on top of the Aburi mountains (Eastern Region) for prayer and other spiritual or religious purposes. The project started in 2013 and is open to everyone to come and pray at any time of the day. It is also open to organizations to host their events at affordable prices.

Aburi Prayer Mountains is a serene and quiet place that helps you to meditate and pray.
Although not popular like Atwea Mountains, it is also a go-to destination for some Christians for prayer and other spiritual activities.

3. Abono Mountains

Abono Mountains is located near Lake Bosomtwe in the Ashanti Region of Ghana. Visitors to the mountains have the opportunity to include a tour of the lake and its resorts in their itinerary.

Source: jetsanza.com

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