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Top 10 Reasons Why Koforidua Is The Best City To Live In Ghana

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Are you troubled about where to live when you visit Ghana, or already in Ghana and want to relocate? Then Koforidua is your best option. Koforidua, also popularly known as Kofcity, is a city and the capital of the Eastern Region in southern Ghana.

The city has a proper city layout and a population of 183,727 people since the last census. Koforidua serves as a commercial center for the Eastern Region and New-Juaben Municipal Assembly. Kofcity is home to many businesses, except for heavy-duty industries.

Reasons Why Koforidua Is The Best City To Live In Ghana

Below are some of the reasons we think Koforidua is the best City to live in Ghana. Check below, share, and kindly leave us a comment at the end of this post.

Nearness To Fresh-Foods Market

Koforidua is surrounded by rural areas whose populates are major in farming activities. This makes the city’s market always full of fresh farm produce, unlike the other cities like Accra and Kumasi who have to transport foodstuff from a far distance. Easy access to food is a critical factor on which people have migrated to settle in Koforidua.

Affordable Accommodation

Accommodation is the most important thing to everyone at any point in time. The cost of accommodation in Koforidua is comparably cheap to Accra, Kumasi, and other Ghanaian cities.

The cost of renting in Accra costs almost 6 times the price in Koforidua for the same kind of apartment. Though areas closer to schools are expensive, it’s the case with all other cities since those houses are usually used as hostels for students.

The cost of accommodation has contributed immensely to people leaving other regions and cities to resettle in Koforidua.

No Traffic Jam at any point in Time

Kofcity is one of the few cities in Ghana that hardly experiences traffic situations. Unlike places like Accra and Kumasi, where you could stay in traffic for hours when riding from one place to another, Koforidua is traffic-free, and you don’t have to bother about waking up at dawn to go to work avoid the traffic. This has made the city very easy and comfortable, a reason why people from elsewhere who have visited the city believe it is the best in Ghana.

Koforidua Has Good Roads

There’s yet to be seen any road in Koforidua untarred. Koforidua proportionally has perfect roads compared to the other major cities in Ghana.

Almost every road in the city, major or minor, is tarred with only a handful of portholes which is typical in Ghana, even though it shouldn’t be the case.

Anyone who has lived in places like Accra would attest to how impressive the roads in Koforidua are, as all the main roads have been tarred.

No flooding

The issue of flooding in Ghana has been one of the most topical and discussed subjects in Ghana for decades, as most parts of the country, especially our regional capitals, flood during the rainy seasons.

Koforidua has, however, been an exemption to the norm. The city doesn’t experience flooding, no matter the heaviness of the downpour. On the few occasions there have been flooding, hardly does it affect life and property as has become the case in places like Accra, Tamale, and Kumasi.

Koforidua has become one of the few cities in Ghana where you can expect life to go on usually without residents making any adjustments during the rainy season.

Good sanitation

Koforidua is one of the cleanest cities in Ghana today. It is normal to go jogging at dawn and see Zoom lion workers sweeping the streets and collecting all waste materials before the day breaks.

This sadly is not the case in most cities in Ghana. A walk through the streets of Accra, and you would see heaps of waste left by the roadsides, some of which are left uncollected for days and even weeks at times.

Low Crime Rate In Koforidua

Aside from its closeness to Accra and Kumasi, the crime rate in the city is almost zero despite seeing Policemen at few places. The usual GHS2 collected by Policemen in other cities is not seen in Koforidua. The city also boasts of the best primary schools, which are highly patronized by politicians who have second homes in the city

Beautiful Landscapes

Koforidua has one of the best and most beautiful landscapes in Ghana. These landscapes are what people have been traveling to India, Sri Lanka, and other countries to see.

The Akuapem Mountains overlook the town while the land is not tilted much to one side and has a relatively leveled surface, making movement less hectic.

The city also boasts of green vegetation and trees, providing a better climate for residents. This is missing in Accra, where one could walk for hours without coming across a tree.

Almost all government institutions have branches in Koforidua

Even though Koforidua is just an hour and a half drive from Accra, you wouldn’t need to visit the national capital if you want to deal with any state institution as all the critical state institutions like the Passport office, Drivers and Vehicle License Authority (DVLA) and others have offices in the city. Others may argue that these offices are found in other cities as well but what makes Koforidua different is NO QUEUES

Cheap Hotel Prices

Another phenomenon that makes Koforidua the best city in Ghana is the low cost of hotels and guest houses. Usually, hotels and guest houses in regional capitals are costly due to the cosmopolitan nature of the cities and the high demand for these facilities.

However, that is not the case in Koforidua, where the cost of staying in hotels and guesthouses is far less cheap than in other regional capitals. This makes visiting the city very cheap as one can easily lodge at a guesthouse or a hotel for days and still pay an amount that can’t book a hotel for a day in Accra.


Koforidua undoubtedly is one of the best cities in Ghana, and one could go on and on to explain why the city deserves all the praises it gets. Once a petite and hardly spoken about town, Koforidua gradually challenges the odds to become Ghana’s finest city.

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